Creating innovative products,
from Concept to Reality.

Founded in 2006, Trade Passages is the secret weapon of clients worldwide who require top-notch product design, manufacturing, and delivery.  We are the one-stop shop for creating cool products and working with you to take them from concept to reality.

Passion for Design

While there are countless "sourcing" companies, we are truly passionate about design. Our in-house design team has the creative drive to deliver innovative solutions to our clients. Creating products relevant for today’s global marketplace is our specialty – from technology accessories to fashion and promotional products.

Global Reach

In our business, the world has no borders or limitations. Just as our name suggests, we make sure that trade happens smoothly across borders and that our customers' supply chains are managed with the utmost care.

Trade Passages is an American-owned and managed company with offices in Los Angeles, Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China. Our diverse team can take on your product idea and work around the clock to bring it to market. Our knowledge of local languages and customs in Asia, combined with our native understanding of Western business practices and requirements allows us to provide our clients with the best of both worlds, delivering superior products and service.


We're not just "eco-friendly," we're earth-loving. Our founder, Terry Omata, grew up in the lush environment of the Pacific Northwest, and he’s never forgotten his love of nature.

Before Terry founded Trade Passages, he was profoundly influenced by two life changing experiences -- his years at Teach for America, where he taught inner-city middle and high school students struggling for a better life, and an eye-opening backpacking trip around the world taking him through 4 continents. It was these experiences that made him realize how everyone, no matter their backgrounds, has a stake in protecting the environment for the sake of future generations.

Given these formative experiences, Terry has strived to make sustainability a cornerstone for the company. At every opportunity, we've led the charge in using innovative materials like bamboo, cork, organic and recycled fabrics. We also share a portion of the proceeds from our sustainable product collections with American Forests and other non-profit organizations looking to make a difference.

Professional Management

With a team of experienced project management, design and manufacturing experts, you can trust us to handle your project from design to sourcing, factory management to logistics. Our highly experienced team ensures that your product becomes reality in the most efficient, stress-free way possible. We provide you with reliability that you can bank on, project after project.